Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Satay Bukit Beruang

       A stall at the road side in Bukit Beruang. This stall serve varieties of Satay such as chicken,beef and mutton. The satay is serve with peanut gravy and also with cucumber and nasi impit.Other than the satay , they also serve other dishes such as fried noodles, hailam kueytiow, roti canai and other. 
Satay + Nasi Impit + Hailam Kuey Tiaw + Fried Bihun

      The other speciality available at this stall is their Lai Chee Kang. the Lai Chee Kang is serve with dried longan, lychee,dried fruit,barley and jelly. The price range is around RM0.60 per piece (satay).

The direction to the stall from Ayer Keroh Highway is quite easy.
From Ayer Keroh Highway, drive all the way to Jusco Ayer Keroh. After Jusco, take the first turn on your right. About 600m, the stall is on your left side. 



  1. satay ni sdap... sy pernah singgah kdai ni... ade coconut shake jugak kn??

  2. seriously??..really cheap..i will go next time.

  3. looks soo tempting.i think i should try the satay. hehehe

  4. serious nampak sedap. memang kena cuba ni. thanks admin.

  5. ohh. yang ni dekat dengan kolej sy... memang slalu pegi sini.. and satay dia mmg sedap. tak rugi datang makan sini....

  6. to all, thank you for the comment and feedback.

    rizal ahmad : yea. they do sell coconut shake also ..