Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Laksa Limbongan

Originally , Laksa is popular in Penang. But somehow, you can find it in Melaka too.

 The best Laksa we ever tasted is in Limbongan. this stall is also nearby to Pantai Klebang and Melaka town. In addition, this stall also sell the best 'kuih keria'The Keria is well known in Melaka. 

*This stall is located opposite Farmosa Hotel in Limbongan. It is open everyday except Tuesday. Starting from 12pm until 6pm.



  1. pernah jumpa laksa ni kat pasar malam bachang. sedap seyy.. ! you all should try !

  2. haritu pegi, kedai ni tutup. dengar cite keria dia sedap...?

  3. selalu beli kat pasar malam tmn widuri. kat jb susah nak cari yg sedap...

  4. kuih keria sedap tapi cepat habis. kena datang awal2, baru ada.