Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Nasi Ayam Bonda

Nasi Ayam Bonda is situated at Pasir Puteh, Bachang.
The speciality of this chicken rice is , the recipes is from their ancestors.

Other than chicken rice, they also sell soto, curry mee and etc.

The special drink that they served are the Barley and Mata Kucing drink. But they also served other drink such as syrup,tea, lime juice and others.

The price of 1 set chicken rice is RM4.50 and the drink is RM1.50..
It's quite reasonable right? so.... why don't you people try this chicken rice...? 

for your information, it usually opened everyday except on Friday afternoon, they only allowed people for take-away only.



  1. wah ! siap ada map lagi... ni memang senang lah nak cari. hehehe....

  2. ive heard about this nasi ayam before. my cousin's did introduce me to this nasi ayam. it is seriously sedap and susah nak cari nasi ayam yg sedap mcm ni kat kawasan bandar.

  3. ni pun boleh gi try nanti lah. hee

  4. nak pegi tapi jauh dari umah dan office...

  5. dekat je ngn rumah. memang slalu makan kat situ.. tp selalu habis awal...