Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mee Sup Tengkera

 Let's join us to...Mee Sup Tengkera

Location : Between Tengkera Mosque and Methodist Girls' School

Speciality : Noodles Soup , Popiah, Barley and Mata Kucing drinkFast service and save time.

Price : RM 3.50(noodles soup) , RM1.00(Barley/Mata Kucing)


Restoran D'Puteh

D'Puteh is located at Bukit Beruang where is nearby to Multimedia University(MMU)Melaka.

The reason why we choose this stall is because, they serve the big glass of juice.

They blend the real fruit and become juice. you can either choose a single fruit or u can add maybe 2 or 3 types of fruit. for example ; Orange + Carrot.
Inside this stall, there are also another substall where they sell burgers, curry mee, fried rice, laksa and also mee bandung

So there are many choices of food you can choose. Big glass of juice price is about RM4.50 whereas the normal size is about RM2.50.


Burger Banda Kaba

This is another 'cowboy' stall that we managed to find.
This stall is located between Malacca High School and St. Francis Primary School.It is open at night from 8pm until 1am.
-by easforeternity-
This stall is owned by two siblings which is the brothers.

-by easforeternity-

They sell burger and also nasi lemak. the nasi lemak is served with Either sambal sotong, sambal udang or fried chicken.

The price is quite reasonable and suitable for student.
The price of nasi lemak is RM2.50(without dishes) and RM4.50(with dishes)

Nasi Ayam Bonda

Nasi Ayam Bonda is situated at Pasir Puteh, Bachang.
The speciality of this chicken rice is , the recipes is from their ancestors.

Other than chicken rice, they also sell soto, curry mee and etc.

The special drink that they served are the Barley and Mata Kucing drink. But they also served other drink such as syrup,tea, lime juice and others.

The price of 1 set chicken rice is RM4.50 and the drink is RM1.50..
It's quite reasonable right? so.... why don't you people try this chicken rice...? 

for your information, it usually opened everyday except on Friday afternoon, they only allowed people for take-away only.


Laksa Limbongan

Originally , Laksa is popular in Penang. But somehow, you can find it in Melaka too.

 The best Laksa we ever tasted is in Limbongan. this stall is also nearby to Pantai Klebang and Melaka town. In addition, this stall also sell the best 'kuih keria'The Keria is well known in Melaka. 

*This stall is located opposite Farmosa Hotel in Limbongan. It is open everyday except Tuesday. Starting from 12pm until 6pm.


Nasi Lemak Berlauk

See the left picture? Does the  Nasi Lemak look tempting??
haa... the Nasi Lemak is delicious indeed.

For normal nasi lemak it served with eggs, nuts, fried anchovies and veggie which only cost around RM2.50. Then you can also add on other dishes and you have to pay extra charge. However the stall do sells other side dishes  such as sambal sotong, sambal udang, rendang ayam, chicken curry, beef rending, sambal kerang, fried chicken etc to eat with the nasi lemak. The stall is opposite Portuguese Settlement junction in Ujong Pasir.

Satay Bukit Beruang

       A stall at the road side in Bukit Beruang. This stall serve varieties of Satay such as chicken,beef and mutton. The satay is serve with peanut gravy and also with cucumber and nasi impit.Other than the satay , they also serve other dishes such as fried noodles, hailam kueytiow, roti canai and other. 
Satay + Nasi Impit + Hailam Kuey Tiaw + Fried Bihun

      The other speciality available at this stall is their Lai Chee Kang. the Lai Chee Kang is serve with dried longan, lychee,dried fruit,barley and jelly. The price range is around RM0.60 per piece (satay).

The direction to the stall from Ayer Keroh Highway is quite easy.
From Ayer Keroh Highway, drive all the way to Jusco Ayer Keroh. After Jusco, take the first turn on your right. About 600m, the stall is on your left side. 


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Perhentian Kuih Kampung Asam Pedas

Our first post is about the well-known Melaka dish, the Asam Pedas. In Melaka, a lot of stalls and restaurants serve Asam Pedas. But not all of them are delicious. To us, there is a place where the Asam Pedas meets the originality, which is in Ujong Pasir. The stall named Perhentian Kuih Kampung. Other than Asam Pedas they also sell various type of Malay ‘kuih’.

For Asam Pedas dishes, the stall serves various types of fish such as Ikan Pari, Ikan Jenak, Ikan Tenggiri, Ikan Kembung, Ikan Parang and also Telur Ikan. In addition, they also serve Asam Pedas Tetel. The price is between RM 7 to RM40… its quite reasonable right? Asam Pedas served with plain rice, salted egg and also some veggie.

Other than that, the stall also sell Popiah Ayam and Popiah Daging which also delicious. Not everyone know about this place. Therefore, we suggest you people to go there and try the Asam Pedas ! We guarantee you all will satisfy.

p/s: You should try this awesome Asam Pedas...