Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Restoran D'Puteh

D'Puteh is located at Bukit Beruang where is nearby to Multimedia University(MMU)Melaka.

The reason why we choose this stall is because, they serve the big glass of juice.

They blend the real fruit and become juice. you can either choose a single fruit or u can add maybe 2 or 3 types of fruit. for example ; Orange + Carrot.
Inside this stall, there are also another substall where they sell burgers, curry mee, fried rice, laksa and also mee bandung

So there are many choices of food you can choose. Big glass of juice price is about RM4.50 whereas the normal size is about RM2.50.



  1. kedai ni kadang2 tak cukup tempat kalau ramai orang. pastu susah nak parking. tp air buah memang baikk ah !

  2. tak sempat nak pegi aritu.. tapi nak datang lagi sbb nk try air buah kat sini. hee

  3. nampak menarik, boleh cuba.